Whilst we can't get together in person, below you will find links to the videos and resources created by your EHRS team.

Here is the link to the Torah and Haftarah portion of the week Parashat Vayikra - Click here to follow it.

Here is a link to the entire Reform Judaism Siddur to use on weekdays and Shabbat: Seder HaTefillot - Forms of Prayer. All you need to do to find your way around the Siddur is to type the page number you need in the box at the top next to the word 'pages'. Thank you to Reform Judaism for making this facility available.

Have you signed up to the Edgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue - EHRS Facebook page yet?  If you do you will find live events from the Synagogue, videos of what has been happening and the easiest and most fail-safe way of joining us online.  You need to join Facebook (at www.facebook.com) and then click here.  We also have a thriving page for EHRS Young Families here and for all EHRS Young People here.

For the last weekday of this week, when we have been trying to do what we can from home, Rabbi Mark and Miriam Goldsmith have a song about how good it is to be together, in whatever way we can.  If you stood outside your home at 20:00 on Thursday night and heard all the clapping and pan striking to salute the NHS and all health workers you will know what that means!  Click here to enjoy.

As we enter the new week Rabbi Mark and Miriam Goldsmith have a new song to share with you - a great song for waking up to a new day, Noah Aronson's version of the Bar'chu.  Click here to enjoy EHRS's song of the day!  


It's about to be Shabbat on this strange week. Rabbi Mark and Miriam Goldsmith have recorded a special version of V'shamru, the song of Shabbat, click here to enjoy Craig Taubman's version of V'shamru - it's EHRS's song of the day!

Here is a link to Rabbi Mark sharing a prayer for those who feel vulnerable: A prayer for healing