EHRS Communal Seder - Interactive!
Thursday 9 April, 19:00

We regret that due to the government advice on holding gatherings we have had to cancel the EHRS Communal Seder in the Synagogue building this year. If you have already booked for the Seder then your payment will be refunded in due course. We will instead be holding a ‘virtual’ Seder through Zoom, led by our Rabbi Mark and Rabbi Emily from their respective homes.  For those who find Zoom difficult to use it will also be available on the Livestream on the front page of the EHRS website.
We invite the whole community to join us from the safety of your homes from 19:00-22:00 on Thursday 9 April.  If you have Seder supplies at home then do make up a Seder plate but please do not put yourself in danger to obtain them.  We are delighted to enable you to use the EHRS Haggadah L'dor va'Dor - click here and you can download it to use on Seder night.

Please keep reading to see how you can join us from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone or even by your regular land line phone.

1)  Open your pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If possible keep your device charged as video can be heavy and drain the battery.
2)  Click on this link:
3) When you are asked to join the meeting type in this Meeting ID: 204 479 861
4) That should be enough to connect you.  
The audio microphone should be on mute, but please check to make sure that your microphone is muted or we will hear you. Currently Zoom is set to keep your microphone off.    

If you are speaking then Rabbi Mark will invite you to do so and then turn your microphone on by touching the screen and pressing on the microphone icon. Once you have finished speaking please remember to turn the mic off. Just touch the screen and click on the mic icon so it has a line through it.
5) It is possible that your computer, tablet or iPad may ask you to download the Zoom app before joining us. If so then the page will show you how to. The Zoom app is available in all app stores, windows, google, apple, android etc. You then go into the Zoom app click on the orange join button and type in the Meeting ID: 204 479 861. This will then automatically connect you.
6)  You can join in another way if this is not working for you:
You can phone this number from any phone in the UK (you won’t see the picture this way) 0208 080 6591
Then when prompted push the buttons for Meeting ID: 204 479 861

7)  For those who find Zoom difficult to use the Communal Seder will also be available on the Livestream on the front page of the EHRS website just like any other EHRS Shabbat morning service.