Edgware & Hendon Reform Synagogue and Yitzchak Rabin Lodge - B’nai B’rith UK 

Our Community Under Pressure - Can We Cope ?’

Thursday 3 May, 20:00

This year’s speaker: Jonathan Arkush, President of the Board of Deputies

We are a small community with no shortage of challenges, a seeming upsurge in antisemitism, bigotry around Israel and opposition to shechita certainly among them. So often it seems that we are swimming against the tide of public opinion or, at least, some areas of commonly held views in our society. In his lecture Jonathan will ask whether our communal bodies are able and equipped to withstand the pressures and enable our community life to be sustained, and he will offer some thoughts on what the future might hold.

Jonathan Arkush is a barrister and  mediator specialising in property,  commercial and probate law.  He has a part-time judicial position  as a deputy Chancery Master in the High Court of England and Wales. He was elected Senior Vice President of the Board of Deputies in May 2009 and chaired the Board’s Defence Division for two 3-year terms until 2015. His responsibilities included defending the community against anti-Semitism, discrimination and any threat to Jewish faith and practice in the United Kingdom,  and to forging deeper understanding between British Jews and other faiths. He was elected as President of the Board in May 2015

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